Fast, affordable and reliable translations
for festivals and cultural events

From English /Spanish / French
to English / Spanish

Written translations of:

  • Websites

  • Catalogues

  • Interviews

  • Film scripts

  • Press releases

  • Technical specs

  • Correspondence

  • etc.


My name is Margot Machado. Despite having translated for projects operating in very diverse industries, I currently specialize in festivals and events.

I have been translating from Spanish, English and French to English and Spanish for a decade. I also have a law degree and dedicated eight years to the sustainable development sector, working as a program manager and analyst for Columbia University in New York.

I have translated for...

  • Art21 (legal, film)

  • FICMEC (film festival)

  • MiradasDoc (film festival)

  • RAVA Films (film)

  • newworldmedium (film)

  • Paragon Sports (conventions, marketing)

  • Syncscripts (research)

  • Forword Translations (corporate)

  • etc.

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